Exotic temples, splendid palaces, incredible wildlife and enticing cuisine, India promises to be a place you’ll never forget. Explore a diverse land that combines the traditional and modern with surprise around every corner. At one side India boasts of the immense Himalayas while on the other it enjoys miles of exotic beaches. Every landscape will inspire and you’ll be welcomed by a culture of fascinating traditions and warm smiles.

Explore the great royal cities and palaces of the Raj, the wilds of the Ranthambhore National Park, the deserts and colourful forts of the west; and journey south to historical temples, tropical forests and exotic coastlines. For more adventure still, explore the spiritual lands of Nepal and reveal the treasures of Bhutan and Sri Lanka.

India is a shopper’s paradise and is particularly renowned for its arts, craft and textile skills. Beautiful cotton and silks and delicate embroidery can make perfect gifts. India is a world leading tea producer so why not return with some flavours to share with friends.

India boasts a colourful calendar of festivals and fairs. Packed with fun and excitement every season brings with it new celebrations. The birthdays of Gods and Goddesses, saints and prophets, historical events and the advent of the New Year are all depicted in vibrant festivities.

From squidgy South Indian idlis (fermented rice cakes) to zesty north Indian curries, foodies can look forward to savouring a seductive smorgasbord of specialities. There are regional specialties, and staple ingredients in each state combining to create a diverse cuisine that never becomes boring.

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