Norway: Norway has a long and exciting past involving a history of discovery and exploration, but it’s the variety of scenic beauty that remains Norway’s trump card. Get ready for a region of rare beauty, feted for its breath-taking fjords, spectacular waterfalls, forests, mountains and glaciers, formed during the last Ice Age. Its charming old wooden towns and old stave churches imbue a rustic charm. It’s a place of otherworldly experiences where the winter northern lights beguile the visitor while the sun refuses to set for the whole summer. Throw in the friendly inhabitants who share a lively cultural scene, and it’s easy to see why Norway has become one of Europe’s most popular destinations.

Sweden: From the untamed Arctic north to the great open skies of the lakelands, and the pastoral beauty, green fields and characteristic red cottages of southern Sweden – no other part of the world can show you so much scenic beauty and variety! The country has a long history of fearsome conquerors who travelled to all parts of the world… While the longboat-loving Vikings immediately spring to mind, it equally applies to IKEA, ABBA and Volvo cars! Today Sweden is one of the world’s most livable and lovable countries, known for its cosmopolitan cities such as Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo and beautiful, pristine landscapes, full of amazing lakes and vast lush forests which seem to never end.

Finland: Close your eyes and picture Finland. What do you see? A never-ending Nordic wilderness? Perhaps miles and miles of lush green forest or herds of reindeer in a winter wonderland? Do you vision trendy towns with arresting architecture, throbbing with cafes, bars and art, or is it the dreamlike Northern Lights you see? Actually, it’s all of the above, plus more. Throw in one of the most charming capital cities in Europe, a few million saunas, 188,000 shimmering lakes, 37 national parks, a Santa Claus and an untainted coastline, dotted with picturesque inlets and islands – you just might get the picture. Whichever way you see it, Finland is just fabulous.

Denmark: The word ‘Denmark’ is first recorded on the famous Jelling Stones, dating from the 10th century. This was the age of the Vikings, when fleets of ships attacked and plundered towns, churches and monasteries throughout Western Europe and sailed as far away as Constantinople. Today though, Denmark is very different from its historical past. Although only small in size, it’s handsomely endowed with wonderful rural landscapes and elegant cities. The Danes themselves also punch well above their weight when it comes to artistic culture, a commitment to conservation, and an open-minded and laid-back attitude to life. All this making Denmark the perfect place to visit.

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